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About The Leadership Project

The Leadership Project (TLP) was established to link Africa’s business leaders to global thought leaders, think tanks, insightful, topical and highly informational content that identifies, nurtures and develops transformational leadership qualities.

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Why Attend?

In this Business Digest discourse, you will learn the following and many more

• Understanding the diminisher’s effect in your organization.
• Traits of an accidental diminisher.
• Understanding the multiplier’s effect in your organization.
• How to build a multiplier mindset

To deliberately invest in employees, enabling them gain insights and practical knowledge from an established industry expert, to further enable them to make balanced and informed decisions in their respective roles.

To equip organisations with the requisite knowledge and competence, through the utilisation of various learning tools, to tackle real-life organisational challenges and positively impact the company’s bottomline

To provide organisations with the opportunity to network with peers, competitors and other stakeholder groups within their industries. This avenue to interact presents the opportunity to establish and nurture profitable connections.


CEO of Wiseman Group

Meet Our Keynote Speaker


Liz is the CEO of Wiseman Group, a talent and human resources management organization positioned to cause a mindset shift enabling leaders to jump from using their intelligence to get results to using their ability to amplify the capability of those they lead to cause ripples of exponential expansion. In this engaging session, Liz Wiseman describes the value of multipliers within leadership and helps leaders identify where they might be diminishing those around them.



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